Teacher Tales: Let’s Get Creative!

This week was a tad chaotic. Timetabling was messed up so I missed an entire lecture, apparently it wasn’t that important as the lecturer just read off the slide so I kinda don’t feel too bad about missing it but still. But on the whole I’m starting to get used to the intensity and my sleeping pattern is finally sorting itself out. More importantly I am half way through my first block at university! In three weeks I will be in a school doing teacher things and stuff. I do not feel anywhere near as ready as I should so it will be super fun and not stressful at all(!).

This week we had more creative lectures. I mean we still had English, maths and science. But they were a bit more hands on. For example, we did science completely outside this week in the outdoor education area on site and it was really cool! We went pond dipping and I caught some little fish and a couple little pond skaters and it really took me back to when I was in primary school in the nature area we had. I really loved it.

I had my first languages lesson too this week and it was possibly the funniest lesson I have ever sat in. There are people in my class who haven’t done languages in a VERY long time so their pronunciation is tragic at best, but at least they tried. Anyway, our lecture reminded us of some basic vocabulary and then was going to show us a teaching technique. She went behind her little podium and picked up a puppet. We all looked a little confused I think, and she went on to explain the the puppet was called Michele. Michele is eight years old and can only speak French. It was possibly the best lesson I have ever been in because it was so much fun. If you didn’t know something Michele would try and help you in French, sometimes she was helpful and other times she just made things worse but it was so funny.

We also had a design and technology lecture which was a little controversial. I always thought that D&T was just creating things. Apparently, its far more complicated and there are things you can and can’t do these days. According to the lecturer it is appropriate for a D&T lesson to make drinks for a class picnic, but you cannot make a model rocket, a model viking boat of a model of the Egyptian pyramids because that is not design and technology. This blew my mind and I completely disagreed with it. How is designing a rocket, making it and launching it not D&T? Before I start ranting about this again (I’ve ranted three times about this already to people) we got to make things that used leavers. This was basically making things out of card, putting some butterfly pins in it and making sure something moved. Here’s one I made earlier to show you what we did. I’m also very proud to say that I brought it home and gave it to mum, and she made me put my name on it and it’s now on the fridge.

Obviously it’s not that shit…

On the whole, it’s been another really good week! It’s super interesting and super intense. I have so much stuff to do when I get home from lectures and so much stuff to revise, but this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time so I am super happy to spend a lot of time looking at subject knowledge and being in the library. It’s a change, but I like it! Next week is super busy. I’ve got a conference on Monday and then on Friday I get to meet the teacher I will be working with in school. I’m super excited and I really can’t wait!

Love you, Bye!


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