Teacher Tales: Induction Week

Well hello there! I’m back at uni now so its time to start my new little project about teacher training which I’m super excited for. I’m at Plymouth Marjon which is a super small uni really close to home but it is one of the best for teacher training in the UK so I’m lucky to be here.

Moving back into halls has been super weird, but I’m in a house with other PGCE students so that will be really helpful I think. We can all help each other and we will know when each other are stressed and things like that. The week started with the induction day on Wednesday. This was the first time I got to see all of the trainee teachers and there are a lot of us. But there are also a lot more men than I was expecting if I’m honest. Induction day was filled with a whole lot of boring. It was how to use computers, how to use a library, what our course is gonna entail and who our tutors are and stuff like that. There was one lecture that stood out from that day which was called Building Resilience. This lecture was basically about how to look after our own mental health. They said that statistically, trainee primary teachers have the highest rates of depression and anxiety of any job. This should have made me start to think about what I’ve let myself in for, but it didn’t.

Thursday was a bit more interesting. We started with team building activities which basically just meant we played with lego and made paper areoplanes. I hit someone in the head with mine which I was kinda impressed with because I thought I could throw a lot better than that and I definitely need to work on PE skills before my placement! We then got given some sweets (We have eaten a lot of sweets already) and we started with the important stuff. We had a lecture about how to write at a Masters level because a PGCE is made up of three Masters level modules. I feel kinda okay with my writing ability, considering I’m straight off a degree course I’m in the habit of writing essays a certain way. Then we had a lecture on how to read properly. Now this may seem dumb but a lecture like this would have been incredible on my undergrad course, we then got given more sweets and sent home for the day. I realised just how tough the days are when I got home because I was honestly exhausted. I was ready for bed at about 8pm which is crazy early. Again, this should have told me a little about what was to come, and again it didn’t.

Friday came around and we had a little talk first thing about keeping ourselves safe in terms of internet use. The lecturer went and googled everyone before the lecture just to show how easily he could find things out about us because parents are likely to do this once we get to placement. Everyone had Facebook photos and profiles come up. Well, everyone except me. This is simply because there is a premiership footballer with my name so I can do really stupid stuff and have it posted to Facebook and feel quite safe knowing if someone googled me they wouldn’t find me! There were also some quite shocking points that came up, like a 14 year old boy who has been put on the sex offenders register for 100 years because he sent a nude photo. Why a 14 year old would send nudes is beyond me. Next came a subject knowledge lecture. This wasn’t so much of a lecture, more of a surprise series of tests to see how much we knew. Out of everything else that has happened during this week, this has worried me most. It became apparent so fast that I know no where near the level of things that is should know and it has been the biggest wake up call ever. This year is going to be tough because I have to learn a whole load of subjects up to GCSE standard because that is what is expected of a teacher these days. Finally, we had a lecture that looked at what makes a good teacher. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s essentially don’t be a dick to your kids.

I don’t think I have ever been as tired as I am writing this. I have been here for three days so far and its so intense because we have so much to cover and apparently it doesn’t slow down. However, the support that the lecture staff give us is incredible. They have an open door policy so we can literally just go to any member of the lecture team and whinge about something if we need to, and also everyone on the course is so supportive. Next week is the first proper week and it’s 9-5 lectures every day with a PE conference on Wednesday. If I’m honest, I am so excited. This year is going to be such a challenge but it is going to be so good. Hopefully it’ll make for some good posts too! That’s all for this week.

Love you, Bye!


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