How I cope with feeling shitty

Well hello there! It’s been a while (sorry!). I’ve got a new job and its stupid hours and its making me super tired all the time, and to be honest its making me feel quite shitty. I think its because the place I work takes the biscuit a little bit when it comes to hours and breaks, i.e super long hours and sometimes no breaks. I do love it though, the team I work with are awesome and they make it as fun as they can but I come home and just feel exhausted and just crap all round. So I thought of a few things that help me relax and help me feel a little less rubbish.

  1. Listen to musicals

    Okay, so by now you will probably know of my love of musicals. There is just something about them that never fails to lift my mood. Most recently I’ve watched Shrek the Musical and it is one of the best things I think I have ever seen. See, musicals all have relatable stories. Shrek is about an ogre who wants is own space and ends up falling in love and being accepted, Hamilton (my absolute fave) is about an immigrant orphan who ends up helping to found America while starting a family and creating the Bank of America and Avenue Q is about life after Uni and how it does suck sometimes but its also amazing and that most importantly it’s okay to be you. Most musicals carry that message and I find it helps so much quite a lot of the time. Also, musicals are great to sing your little heart out to and dance along to.

  2. Running

    When I’m not injured, running is one of the most relaxing things for me. Because I live by a lot of water, running gives me a chance to look at some of the most stunning scenery I’ve seen. It allows me to go out and clear my head too and see people enjoying their days. There is a tonne of science behind this one too, but in general running is great for physical and mental health so people should do it basically.

  3. Netflix and Chill/Youtube

    No. Not like that you dirty minded lot. There is nothing better than when you’ve had a crappy day than to go home and chill out and binge watch a series. My go to series  is How I Met Your Mother. It is essentially my life story and its funny and uplifting apart from the last episode. I am not okay with the ending. There is also a whole lot of crappy feel good films on Netflix that somehow are awful but amazing at the same time that always manage to cheer people up. The clean Netflix and chill is not complete without your favourite snacks or meals. I highly recommend grabbing some pizza and garlic bread and some chocolate. Youtube is great too, people like Dodie Clark and Evan Edinger who have gone through so much post the most relatable stuff and it honestly helps so much

  4. Reading

    Reading is one of the best things. Reading just takes me away to a completely different place for a while. Recently I’ve been reading about other people and their lives. Currently I’m reading Barack Obama’s autobiography and he has had such an interesting life. Next on my list of things to read is Alexander Hamilton’s biography. I also enjoy reading things my friends have written. There’s a few blogs I read and a friend wants to be a children’s author and sent me some of her stuff back along and I like reading them too. There is just something about books and stories that I find super relaxing. I think it’s because it allows me to imagine fictional things and I can immerse myself in another world for a while, until I’m okay to come back to reality and carry on with my life.

There we go, that’s the four main things I do to relax when I feel crappy. Hopefully if you have a bit of a shitty time some of these things might help you!

On a different note, I’m going to be a teacher! Well… a trainee one anyway! This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages and I’m super excited about it. I’m also planning a blogging project to go along side the training which I think could be really interesting and I’m gonna write a post about it closer to the start of the course 🙂

Love you, bye!


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