Terrorism will never win 

It’s been a very sad week for us in the U.K. A few utter morons decided to try and disrupt life in the U.K. and managed to kill 29 people, most of which were children, and injured around 100 other people. There are two annoying things about this other than the obvious. The first is that these people use religion as an excuse. The second is that they think that it’s going to affect us. 

The beautiful thing about this is that they are wrong. People in London today have had their morning cup of tea and are going about things just like normal. People pass by memorials for the attacks and pay their respects but then they continue about their day. They’re going to Sunday lunch with their parents, they’re going to the local pub for a pint with their friends. Manchester is celebrating the ten year career of a footballer today, and they are remembering the lives of the people on the Manchester attacks. 

Taxi drivers are giving people free lifts to safety, people are opening their homes to people who need shelter. A man was evacuated from a pub last night and refused to leave his pint behind. I can remember reading a story about a blood bank in Manchester not being able to take more donations because too many people showed up to donate blood.

This is what we do. This is how we respond. Of course you get the morons on twitter spouting hate against a religion who always condemn these attacks. But the majority of us open our hearts to people we don’t even know. We offer up our homes and give our food to people that need it. We carry on to show that we are strong, and no matter what these ‘people’ try to throw at us, we will continue. We stand up for each other because we know it’s the British thing to do. In my country terrorism will never win. 

I think it’s important in the face of these attacks to tell people you love them, be kinder to each other and keep doing what you do. Love more, hate less. 

Love you, bye!


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