Officially the End of University

I’m on the train home from university for the last time, and I’ve had to say bye to someone knowing I have no clue when I will ever see them again. It has finally hit me that I’ve finished university.

Now, I’ve moaned quite a bit about my degree, there have been things that I haven’t nesessarily agreed with, or people who I haven’t really gotten along with. But I’ve just had my last glimpse of Carmarthen from the train, and you can just see the university buildings fading from view, I have just realised I have had the best three years of my life.

The thing about doing a degree in Outdoor education is that there is nothing else like it available. We had lectures in gorges, on mountains and hanging around on cliffs. I spent a week in Scotland last year canoeing the most stunning stretch of river while learning and refining skills, and spending some time with the best people.

It might seem like we “just go camping and get a degree” as someone so eloquently put it in first year, but it is so much more than that. Outdoor Education is what it says it is. It is education, outside. We’ve learnt about how different people used different areas of Wales. We’ve learnt about educational theory and we’ve put it into practise. We’ve learnt about the importance of preserving nature but we’ve jumped off cliffs, and raced through a forest on mountain bikes while we’ve been doing it. We’ve learnt so much stuff through experience. On other degrees you sit in a lecture theatre and get told about relevant theories to your field. In Outdoor Education, we learn about things by exploring places, or by practising coaching styles, or by kayaking through the sea to explore an island. My degree has opened my eyes to the world around me and has excited me about learning stuff.

Of course, it’s a degree so it’s been tough too. There have been so many times that I’ve considered dropping out, or just not even turning up for the start of the year. I am so glad I stayed and stuck through it.

If you’re reading this and you’re deciding whether to go to uni or not, I whole heartedly encourage it. You will meet the best people, and you will learn all the things you want to learn about what you’re passionate about. But pick something you are passionate about. It’ll be tough but it is so so worth it.

Love you, bye!


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