Micro adventure

Today was such a lovely day and it was such a shame being stuck inside doing uni work. I also think after the  week I’ve had I was allowed some down time, so I went and tried to find a new spot to go slacklining in. 

Now, to set up a slackline you basically need two trees that won’t fall down and that are a good distance apart. You’d think that living by some woods it would be really easy to find that exact set up wouldn’t you? 

I used to go in these woods quite a bit when I was younger, about 13 years ago. I had some places in mind that might have had somewhere to set up a line. It turns out that the woods have changed a lot in the last 12 years 

Pretty certain there used to be a path around here…

The area I had in mind was called fallen down tree. The clue to why it’s called that is in the name. I thought I remembered the way to it, but everything was so overgrown it was hard to find where I was. 

I got to a point where there was no way around this massive overgrown patch but to shimmy round a tree. Obviously, me being me this went quite wrong and I took a little fall into a stream 


After adjusting to the freezing water, I decided I might as well just walk up the stream. I thought I’d be able to see the tree from the stream. It turns out I was right, but to get to it I had to climb under a smaller fallen down tree which resulted in me getting quite wet. I hoped that after falling in a river and getting stung by probably everything that could sting me that there would be an awesome spot to set up my slackline. I was wrong 
Pretty, but pretty useless
Now, I have no idea if we’re allowed in the woods anymore, and I’m guessing that we aren’t judging by the looks some people gave me when my head popped up after scrambling up a muddy cliff. A short 5 minute walk led me to my usual spot and luckily the park wasn’t filled with school children who all want to have a go so I actually got some good practise in 
Line set after a mission

There we go, that’s a little summery of my day of procrastinating. I managed to walk the line after not practising in ages so I was super happy. I hope you’ve all had a good day! 

Love you, bye! 


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