May Update

Well hello there! It’s been a while! However, I now only have two assignments left at university so I have a lot more time which means I should get some more blogs done. So what I thought would be nice is a little blog to fill you in on whats happened since I last posted while I chill out and watch The Fault In Our Stars.

Obviously, finishing university has been stressful. It’s been more stressful than it should have been though! My dissertation supervisor refused to help me initially and then when he agreed to help me he couldn’t find time to check a section of my work which causes a few problems… like I have no idea if my dissertation is any good. There has been the usual girl drama which I’m not going to get into because I don’t want to bore you, but basically I’m still single annoyingly. I always wanted to have a girlfriend by the time I graduate so I could take them to watch but apparently that wasn’t supposed to happen.

The next big thing that has happened is I’ve been doing some PGCE preparation. I’ve been on placement for the past few weeks in schools to figure out if its what I actually want to do. I loved every single day of it. The school was surprisingly good. It had a really bad reputation a few years ago based on where it is within Exmouth so I was amazed by how lovely the school was. It’s not very often when you have a whole school staff who believe that students should have the opportunity to succeed in any and all areas, not just the core subjects and that is something that I am a huge supporter of. Kids being kids there were some hilarious moments. I had one child misspell can’t quite horribly, another group of children were adamant that a Wooly Mammoth was called a Willy Mammoth. One child managed to order Domino’s to the school too which was quite impressive. Each day I spent a few hours with a different year group looking at different subjects and it was possibly the most enjoyable few weeks I have had for a while. The pupils were so lovely and the staff were so welcoming and supportive. I learnt so much that I will go on to use if I become a teacher

Apart from all the usual university stress and work I have also been approached to star in a local climbing film. This is so exciting because lets face it, who wouldn’t want to be in a film about something they love? If all goes to plan filming will take place in a few weeks and if it happens I’ll let you know how it goes and what it’s like to be on a film set with a camera crew pointing cameras at you and all of that stuff.

Apart from that life is pretty normal. Oh well my sister got engaged but apart from that its pretty normal! As per usual, I’m in mixed mind about whether I’m looking forward to leaving university or if I don’t want it to end and not a lot else has changed.

I hope you are all okay and thanks for reading 🙂

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome


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