The magic of movies

Films will always be an important part of the entertainment world. They play such an important part in so many people’s lives and many of them resonate with the viewers on such a level that they are able to relate to the characters, the plot and just about every other part of the film. I’m writing this while I’m watching La La Land (how that film didn’t win the best picture oscar I will never know). It’s your typical love story really, boy meets girl, the end up liking each other. But there’s a slight twist, they don’t end up together.

If you think about it, that’s really what everyone wants, the typical love story. Or they at least want one so they can tell it in the future like Ted does in How I Met Your Mother. I’m starting to think that my current love life would make a great plot for a film.

Picture it. A boy in his final year of university. Big changes are coming up, important life changes to be made. He’s coming off the back of being messed around by a girl. He starts talking to a girl he grew up with and he starts to like her…

Personally I think that would be a great film, if anyone writes it into one I’m expecting royalties!

The reason I love La La Land so much is because it shows that no matter how good you think a relationship would be, it might not end up that way. I mean, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stones characters love each other so much for a large period of the film and they support each other and push each other to peruse their dreams. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Sadly their relationship falls apart. It’s possibly the most accurate depiction of relationships in any film there has or ever will be.

That type of relationship that I think everyone wants, the one where there’s support and that they push you to chase your dreams, and that they trust you enough to be open with you and tell you things. I mean I know it’s the type of relationship I want. I need someone in my life to make me get up and go out and chase what I wanna do. Of course, this wouldn’t be so much of an issue if I were Ryan Gosling!

I’d like to think after the start I’ve had to this year that this will be a good year for me. I like to think that I’ll meet someone awesome that will mean something special to me one day, that’s kinda my wish for this year really. But only time will tell if that happens.

I also promise I’ll stop writing about girls, I feel like I’ve been doing it too much recently and you’re all probably bored of it so I’ll go back to writing about normal things, but that’s all for today!

Love you, bye!

P.S. Don’t Forget To Be Awesome 


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