Girls are quite complex

It’s a strange feeling when you like someone. When you talk to them you feel unexplainably happy. You smile when their name pops up on your phone, or whenever there is the possibility that you could see them. I for one am all up for loving someone, and whenever I like someone they are the only person I like. I see no sense in liking multiple people at once. However, I have a problem where my gut and my brain don’t work together when it comes to girls. Every time I think somebody likes me, she doesn’t; every time I think somebody doesn’t like me, she does. This has never changed and I’m certain it never will.

We’ve all at some point in our life encountered that feeling of secretly liking someone, secretly having your eyes on them, secretly wishing they knew, but deep down you were afraid of what the outcome would be. So, you said nothing. Kept it hidden, locked inside, just hoping that maybe one day that moment would finally come when they would notice you and the feeling would be reciprocated. I would say just tell them and the worst thing that could happen would be that they say no. But I suppose each situation is different. You may like someone that you haven’t seen in a long time or sometimes even someone you have never met.

I generally have a rule not to meet people from apps like tinder because you have no idea if they are actually the person they are when you’re talking to them online. The exception of course is unless you used to or currently know them. I was having a discussion with some friends who have met people from tinder or other apps and they all seem to think that it was okay. My best friend met a guy on tinder and they’ve been together for ages. Tinder dates really just don’t appeal to me. Neither does meeting people on nights out, which is very hard to do when you don’t like drinking that much.

I think the main problem that I have is that I’m generally a nice person and girls tend to like guys that aren’t nice all the time. I don’t know it’s that girls get bored of guys being nice to them or what but there is an issue somewhere and it caused me to get massively messed around over Christmas. I liked her, she made me think that she liked me. I came back to uni for literally three days and she had a boyfriend that she was trying to hide from me so I would still give her attention. That’s what annoys me. A lot of girls want to be treated so well. Yet they will treat the people who make an effort with them like crap and chase the people who treat they know will treat them so badly.

Of course, I’d like finding a relationship as easy as it is in films. I’d love to bump into someone in a book shop in Notting Hill one day or in the café in London that’s pitch black and be seated next to a girl and fall in love with them. That would be so easy. That would be too easy. But what I would want more than anything is to find someone who likes me for me, someone that will support me over the next few years and give me a kick up the butt when I need it on my PGCE, someone who is as excited to see me as I would be to see them, someone that I can go on random adventures with, someone that doesn’t mind getting a little muddy on a walk or drenched in a downpour. That would be perfect if I found someone like that.

Now, I don’t like talking about my love life on here. It’s super personal and stuff. But there could be someone I like, and they’re definetly some of the things I mentioned above. But I doubt they’d like me back so I’m in the situation at the start where I said I just wait to see if they give me any signs. It’s an endless cycle

That’s all for today! Sorry if it’s been a bit mushy and stuff I mean I could just go on and on but I tried to keep it short not to bore you.

Love you, bye!


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