BUCS Climbing 2017

One good thing about doing an outdoor adventure degree is that we get to travel to places that we wouldn’t usually go. For instance, in the first year of the degree I went to north wales for the first time. Last year I went to a new part of Scotland. This year, I’ve the opportunity to represent the university in possibly the most exotic location I will ever go to, Sheffield. I really hope you got the sarcasm there. This weekend it the weekend of the annual BUCS Climbing competition. It’s the first time that I will have had the opportunity to compete in climbing and I’m really excited about it. This post is gonna be a little different, I’m going to write it over two days, so it will almost be a diary entry instead of the usual stuff.

It’s strange, I’ve never had the chance to represent my school or college before. Being given the chance to compete as part of a team for my university is a really cool thing. The 5 and a half minibus ride to get to Sheffield however, is not. Especially when you wake up from a nap and there is a wasp right next to your face and your friend kept trying to prod you for the whole journey. Apparently, there is a harvester near where we are staying so that’s keeping me happy.

It’s now the day after the event, I was going to write about it on the way home but my laptop died and I fell asleep. The venue for the competition is where some of Britain’s best climbers train so it was always going to be tough, I didn’t expect it to be as tough as it was though! The way the competition was structured this year was that there were three rounds and the highest scorers from each round progressed into the final. It was never going to be someone from our team based on the competition and the difficulty of the routes, but we gave it our best. We all started strong finishing every route first attempt. It then all went downhill when I slipped off a route. I got injured in the fall and had to sit out the rest of the competition, but the rest of our team kept pushing, and getting some challenging routes done.

Watching the other universities teams compete was interesting too. Each team had a different tactic. Aberystwyth’s team went around as a group giving the support and attempting to persuade judges on any potential hold touches. Hull had leggings that distracted everyone from their climbing. Most teams split up with the better climbers from each team going for the harder routes first, while the less able team members went for the easier routes so they didn’t waste any energy. It was a really nice event to be at, everyone supported everyone and encouraged everyone and it was such a positive atmosphere. Two climbers from our team, James and Grant got really competitive as there were only a few points separating them at the end which prompted them both to try any route they could to gain points. Grant won that little competition.

The whole event was good. It’s really nice to see the amount of people taking part in climbing competitions. The officials said there were something like 550 participants throughout the day, which was the most that there have ever been. Now I just have to sit around and wait to go to a&e to get my knee looked at!

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome


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