The people who actually deserve someone on Valentine’s Day 

Well hello there! It’s Valentine’s Day, probably my least favourite day of the year. It’s overrated. If you’re with someone you should show them how much they mean to you every day, not just one day of the year. The whole idea to me is dumb. 

It always seems like the wrong people are with people on Valentine’s Day and the people who genuinely deserve to be with someone aren’t or they get messed around and that really winds me up. 

One person I know is genuinely one of the nicest most down to earth people but they get messed around by guys and I literally don’t understand it. They are one of the most interesting people I think I will ever meet and I really enjoy talking to them because they always have something cool to say.  They are so supportive to, they motivate me when I’m having crappy days and don’t want to do any work, and when I was nervous about my PGCE interview they told me I’d be fine and that I didn’t need to worry. 

Yet they get messed around by guys time and time again and they do not deserve it. I know a lot of people who deserve to be with someone a lot less than them. They do really deserve a good partner to support them and push them to do things because they could go on to do so much with the right support. One day I hope they find someone.

Then you sit and watch Jeremy kyle and it amazes me how some people that treat others so poorly, cheat and lie about things can be in a relationship and the person I spoke about above is single, it really frustrates me.

Personally I don’t think it’s very fair, good people should be with good people. Not with people that would treat them poorly. That’s no fair. At the same time though, people who have someone shouldn’t rub it in everyone’s face because that’s not fair.

That’s why I don’t like Valentine’s Day. You get people bragging that they have someone and the ones that don’t have someone can be left feeling crap. No one should be made to feel crap because other people have something they don’t have. Valentine’s Day is just a day for people to almost pretend to be nice or be overly nice and it’s just a bit gross. 

I know I’ll be spending my day rock climbing and away from people being gross and cringy so I’ll be happy. If you have someone today I hope you have a good day with them. If you don’t have someone I hope it doesn’t get you down and that you have a good day anyway! 

Love you, bye! 


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