A Letter To 2010 Me

Dear Josh,

I’m you, writing to you from 2017. America is currently being run by an idiot who’s causing problems for everyone and Britain is not going to be part of the EU for much longer. Today is the day before your first PGCE interview! Yes, you got into uni and decided to be a teacher. You’ve just started year 10 and a lot happens to you in the next 7 years and not all of it is good. So I thought that I would give you a few pointers about how to deal with some things.

Firstly, GCSEs. GCSE drama is not useful. You will not become an actor other than a few school shows. Yeah, it was good fun to study. I mean it did wonders for your confidence and you get to go out with some really good looking people for a short amount of time but don’t fixate on it. Better things are coming! Pay attention in maths. Mum nearly killed me when I came home and said I had to resit the exam. Also, the people you are friends with now might not be your friends in 7 years. Sure, some of them will be around but others will gradually disappear. It sucks when they do but you get through it. Oh, the bullying stops in about a year too. Just wait it out, the experience will come in handy.

A lot of things happen when you get into sixth form. There will be a teacher that will tell you that you aren’t smart enough to get onto A-Levels twice. Ignore him, you get on to them and you surprise yourself. Keep the attitude you had then of I will prove you wrong, it really pays off. You’ll get put onto an outdoor education course. I promise you it’s not for “retards”. It changes your life, so don’t argue it. Tom Moores will be the biggest inspiration and kick up the butt for you, pay attention to him. You’ll meet a girl too. No, you never get with her. She is bad news. She will play with your head and choose other guys over you every time. Give up on her. You deserve better. Don’t start thinking you aren’t good enough because you’re giving her your best and she pushes you away. She doesn’t deserve you. Don’t give her the time of day. Definitely don’t let her back in your life in 2016, she will ruin your Christmas break.

You need to stop overthinking things too. It doesn’t do you any good. It actually stops you from going and doing some really cool things. Stop being so safe and take more risks. That one of the biggest regrets I have right now. Also, stop being an idiot with money. You don’t need to buy things other people have. They will like you regardless. Especially when you get to uni. Outdoor kit is expensive. Don’t go mad and let people pressure you into buying things you do not need because you have a student loan. Maybe go mad in first year of uni, it leads you to having some really good nights out. You pass out in the students union and get carried home by the bouncers.

Finally, there is gonna be an app for your phone that comes out called Tinder. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. It’s a waste of time and makes you feel really crappy about yourself, people judge you by your looks and its not healthy. Talk to people more, and if you think you like someone don’t freak out. Just keep being you and ask them on a date. They might say yes and if they do that’s a bonus. If they say no, it isn’t the end of the world.

That’s about it really. Just keep being you, things work out in the end. I’m not entirely sure how to end this letter. Do I say love from or what? Would that be weird? I don’t think it would be, I mean I’m only saying it to myself.

Love from you


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