Beach Adventure

There is nothing quite like a spontaneous trip. Whether it be to a near by city or to you’re favourite spot. Personally, I love going on little adventures because they’re usually really fun. On Saturday, me and my housemate Tom decided on our way to Tesco that it would be a really good idea to go and camp on a near by beach. This sounded like a really good idea because it would help me practise low light photography and it is always nice to just go and sit by a fire on a chilly autumn evening.

We ran around Tesco thinking of all the things we would need; water, snacks, firewood, marshmallows and a few beers. Once we returned to the house we packed all the things we might need for a night under the stars and waited to leave. We packed the car at around 8pm and headed off for Llanstefan. In the car I checked the tide times and the weather forecast and it looked like we would have a really nice night ahead of us.

Once we arrived at the beach we walked to an area that gets cut off from the main beach by the high tide so we could be away from anyone and it would be harder to disturb anyone. Tom got to work on making the fire pit and setting up all of his bit of our little camp and I went about setting up my camera and the tripod. Once everything was set up and we were comfy we did the obligatory sit in front of a fire and stare at it for a while. I kept getting up to take photos of things and manages to get the one of Tom which is below.


“This would be perfect if I had my cigars…”

After while of sitting and talking about all sorts, Tom went off to find some sticks for the marshmallows and left me on my own, in the dark. Now, I’m not great in the dark. I like to be able to see the things around me, so I busied myself with camera stuff and checking my phone and drinking beer. Once Tom returned we starting roasting and occasionally setting fire to the marshmallows. For the most part of the night it had been really overcast and you could just see the moons light coming through the clouds. The clouds had started to thin out and we noticed that the moon had a halo around it.

DSC_0033 (3).jpg
This was the best I could get it 😦

After a short while we got into our bivi bags or as Tom likes to call them “full size condoms for humans” and we fell asleep. Now, remember when I said that I checked the tide time and it said we would be okay? The app hadn’t updated and instead of being a 2.4m high tide it was actually a 6.5m high tide, thanks supermoon! It must have been about half 2 when I woke up and heard the loudest rumble I’ve heard in a while. I got out of my bivi bag and looked towards the sea and it was still quite a way away from us so I went back to sleep. An hour later I woke back up and looked at it was quite a lot closer. Tom woke up to me stood my looking at the sea, something which he said was one of the creepiest things he’s seen. We decided it would be a good idea to pack up and head back to the car. We found out on the way back that a sheep coughing sounds like a human coughing and it kinda creeped me out a little. Just before we got back to the car I spotted a patch of clear sky and just had to try and get a photo…

DSC_0042 (3).jpg

That just about sums up a really lovely evening, even though there was a chance we could’ve been swept out to sea. I hope you enjoyed it!

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t Forget To Be Awesome


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