The US Election

Well hello there! Let me start out by saying that this wasn’t my planned post for today but I like the rest of the world have woken up to the news that Donald Trump has become the president of the united states. If there are any trump supporters that do end up reading this I am in fact British, I am aware that you will probably be running around firing off your guns, whooping and hollering like the hillbilly’s many you are and that you think I shouldn’t comment, but I have American family members so this affects me just as it affects you.
First off, I had a quick look and Canada’s immigration site has crashed. This surely shows how much people fear Trump having any power. I wouldn’t trust him with a cactus, let alone the nuclear codes for the countries missiles. Come to think about it, Trump is very much like Cam Brady from the film The Campaign… He’d probably punch a baby. 
The main point I’ve seen throughout this whole campaign on social media is trumps stance on immigration. Banning all Muslims from America. This will literally just make more people fear a religion, if a person in power promotes xenophobia the population will follow. Doesn’t that sound familiar to what a certain German leader did back in the 1940s? Trump also wants to close borders, yet and this is one thing that really grinds my gears about trump supporters, they do not seem to remember that the US was built by immigrants. If you do simple research you will find out that George Washington’s grandad was from Essex, UK. Come to think about it, maybe that’s why Americans are thick… they’re all related to Joey Essex.
Don’t even get me started on what Trump may do to gun control laws in the states. He was endorsed by the NRA. Yes, it is true that Americans have a right to bear arms, but the constitution was written almost 250 years ago. The type of guns people had back then were single shot pistols not semi-automatic rifles which can fire 60 rounds a minute. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to spot outdated laws, does it? 
I think one of the scarier parts about Trump being in power is what he may do to make the lives of LGBT people a whole lot harder. In the current day, an age when the world is finally seeing that it is perfectly normal for a guy to love a guy or a girl to love a girl it would make sense to have a leader who holds the same values. Instead, the country who recently has worked so hard to gain marriage equality so people can be who they truly are has elected a man who’s chosen Vice President supports using hormone correction therapy for gay people. Back in the 50s a man who was instrumental in bringing an end to world war 2, which was started by a silly xenophobic leader and no it wasn’t Trump, was subject to hormone correction therapy and it was so unbearable that he committed suicide. A leader like that is not what the world needs.
The only plus side to Trump being president is that he’s best mates with Putin so there is a slim chance of there being a nuclear war between the two countries. America, I feel you are about to take a step back in time. There have been many times when the world has felt sorry for you; 9/11, the various natural disasters, George W. Bush… but this time, what happens next is entirely your fault. I wish you the best of luck for potentially the next eight years, I feel like you may need it.
Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome.

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