Well hello there! Sorry it’s been a while. I didn’t have a laptop for a week, I’ve been catching up with everyone and I’ve been working on a couple of cool projects! At uni we had a workshop about planning life after we (hopefully) graduate and there seemed to be a consistent theme of ambition. So I’ve been thinking about this since the lecture and I’ve been having conversations with people that have lead on to talking about their ambitions and I have found it super interesting and actually quite inspiring to hear about what people want to do so I thought i should write about it.

I feel like ambitious people are the best people to have around. Not only do they know what they want, but they’ll most likely encourage you to do the things you need to do to help you get to where you want to be. Everyone has crazy ambitions. Someone on my course wants to own a gym, a girl I know wants to be an amazing actress and another wants to write a book. Honestly, I believe they will all get there. I think they will all smash it because not only do they have a dream but they are all actively perusing it, and that’s awesome. For example, My friend, Emily, who wants to be an author was saying that shes got a massive book of everything she’s written and she regularly sends stuff off to publishers. I honestly think that its so cool that someone has a dream that big and are actually working towards achieving it. Not getting things published must be a massive knock for her confidence but she keeps going and its super inspiring and I wish I was that motivated.

Before I started writing this I went onto Spotify and put on the Hamilton soundtrack. Hamilton was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and hes such a hero of mine. Six years ago, he was a last minute invite to a poetry night at the White House. He said he wanted to sing a rap he’d written about the founding fathers of the United States and everyone in the room laughed. Barack Obama said that he thought that Lin-Manuel was nuts because of the idea. Fast forward six years and Lin-Manuel has one of the biggest shows on Broadway and has won a Grammy, an Emmy and a Tony award for the very show that was spawned from a dream. If his dream can become a reality (and lets face it, writing one of the biggest and most influential musicals the world has ever seen is a pretty hard dream to achieve) why cant mine, or yours, or anyone elses?

My ambition is to own an Adventure Photography business, travel the world taking pictures of people doing really awesome things and hopefully inspire people I meet along the way. I know that will take a lot of work and I feel the best people to have around are other big dreamers because they are gonna help me along the way.

If you have a dream, or an ambition, or even just a hobby that a lot of people would find unusual stick to it, keep fighting through the hurdles and give it your best because at the end of the day, the only person you have to impress is yourself.

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!



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  1. Make that Adventure Photography business happen! Much luck to you! 👍😉


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