Back in Wales!

Well hello there! The move back to uni is done, and my last freelancing work of the summer is done and it was a great few days with very little sleep and 55 ten year olds (I was very happy when it finished). It’s all sunshine and happy days here (it really isn’t, it’s cloudy and grim but lets be happy about it). I’m actually very happy to be back in Wales. It’s somewhere that makes me generally very happy.

One of the nice things about being back at uni is that I’m already getting some amazing opportunities. For example, this year I’ve been asked to help film something for the university and exactly what I film is up to me. This is great because I really love filming and being creative. It’s also something that I would really love to go into in the future so to have the opportunity is amazing.

But being here makes me really appreciate how lucky I’ve been and how fortunate I am to be in this position. I mean, if the school board won an arguement they had with my mum I wouldn’t be where I am or doing the things I’m doing (thanks mum ☺️). I love the degree I’m doing and when people say it isn’t a proper degree or things like that it really irritates me.

If you’ve ever been told what you’re passionate about is useless  or “not a real job” you’ll understand where I’m coming from. This summer I’ve spent time with a lot of professional athletes and a lot of professional instructors. I’ve also spent a lot of time with some amazing kids with ranging abilities. I started and finished the summer freelancing for a company who work with private schools and the kids grew so much in confidence over the week that we were with them. One of the kids has the same disability as Ellie Simmons and was a star. She was so proud of herself because she managed to climb a wall, finish a mountain biking session and hang out in a cave. All of the staff were really proud of her too.

Mid summer came along and I worked at a special needs school helping run some outdoor activities for a summer club. These kids were phenomenal and managed to do everything I asked of them, and some of the kids had done things in the time I had been running activities for them that they had never done before, and it was really amazing to watch happen.

I love being back in Wales and I love doing my degree because there is always an opportunity to help someone do things they never thought they could, and to help someone become more confident and such an awesome person.

Now, I’ve gotta run to Tesco so I can eat food later.

Love you, Bye!
P.s. Don’t forget to be awesome 🙂


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