Let’s Talk: "Burkini Ban"

Well hello there! This morning I was on facebook and saw a post about the “Burkini Ban” that is happening in France right now, and a lot of people are unhappy about it, understandably so. I mean a lot of people are viewing it that men are telling women how to dress, and that the men telling people how to dress are armed. Of course it isn’t okay for a guy to tell a girl what to wear, but all things considered the French kind of have a good reason to be a bit nervous right now. Since 2014 the French have undergone 15 terror attacks my Islamic extremists, five of which have been this year alone. Within the last six attacks, two of them have been the most deadly in French history.

Now, a lot of people have reacted in horror of the fact that armed men are telling people to undress but lets break this down so everyone on the same level. The French police are carrying weapons. This is actually quite normal for them. Also we have to remember that France is in a State of Emergency. This means that the police will be on ultra high alert for absolutely anything and every officer in France is likely to have a gun on them. Unlike the American police, French police are trained to non lethally neutralise criminals and only to use guns if it is absolutely needed. The American police are trained to shoot to kill.

Before I get told off on twitter for my opinions again I will say I am not in support of the ban. I think a woman should be able to go to the beach and wear what she like keeping in line with her religion and her beliefs and no one should have an issue with that unless of course, it is breaking a law within the country. The reason I’ve mentioned this is because someone argued saying that the “burkini” goes against a French law that bans the Burka. But there isn’t actually a law that bans a person from wearing a Burka. There is a law that says its illegal to cover your face, which in my opinion is a sensible law to have. If someone has their face covered you can’t tell who they are or identify them if they do something illegal.

I think the police are banning the “burkini” because they are scared. It’s the middle of the summer and there are a lot of people who go on holiday to the south of France, it is a very lovely place filled with lovely people. But considering terrorist groups seem to have it in for France at the moment, and one of the most recent attacks took place at a holiday resort on the beach I think it is fine for the police to be a bit over cautious. I mean think about it, the Burka is really loose fitting so someone could hide anything under it and ruin a lot of people’s holiday’s.

My personal issue with the ban is that this will open up France to a lot more scrutiny from Islamic communities, and feminists and a lot of people. But it could also mean that they are more likely to get attacked again because they are making rules elements of Islamic and Muslim clothing. That a huge problem because France doesn’t deserve what they have been getting recently and a lot of people are questioning how much more they would be able to withstand. Also, the “burkini” just looks like a really awesome wetsuit essentially and banning such a cool item of clothing is silly.

Love you, Bye!


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