Wonderful Wednesday: My Parents

Well hello there! It’s Wednesday and that means its time for me to mention some very special people. Today’s post is even more special because it is my 21st birthday, but it’s also my parents anniversary so I thought it would be nice to talk about my parents and how amazing they are and have been to me for the past 21 years.

Lets jump back 21 years to the 17th of August 1995. I was born exactly on time but with a tonne of health issues. Mum had to take up three jobs just to be able to support our family because Dad had just been made redundant and had a problem with his back which meant he couldn’t do a lot. It came to the point where I was due to start school and I was classified by the government as disabled and they didn’t want me to go to a mainstream school because they thought that I wouldn’t be able to manage. If it wasn’t for my parents fighting my case my life would have been completely different, I wouldn’t have gone to Exmouth Community College, which is where everything really started for me and I figured out what I wanted to do with my life, and I definitely wouldn’t have gone to university and met some amazing people and had the conversation with a friend which led me to start this.

My parents have been nothing but supportive of me with every decision I’ve made from starting Tae Kwon Do and dropping Tae Kwon Do, to taking GCSE drama when I was adamant you could make a solid and secure career out of acting, something which cannot be guaranteed. Even my choice of degree my parents were so so supportive and I think it’s because they never expected me to get this far and I will forever be grateful for that. They’ve been great this year too, it’s not been an overly easy year for us individually and as a family but they’ve steered me and my sister through it.

My mum is one of the strongest people I have ever met. I mean, she was told that her son wouldn’t be alive for longer than three years, and she had to have a conversation with my sister when she was five saying that I might not come home from the hospital. Imagine having that conversation with a five year old, I know I wouldn’t be able to do it. My dad is one of the funniest and most clever people I think I will ever meet. When he was younger he took a test to get into MENSA, which is basically a smart people club for really smart people, and he will always say something that will lighten the mood and I especially love seeing him ballroom dancing with the Christmas tree on his birthday every year without fail. He’s also been the reason why I love sports and we regularly used to go and play golf and tennis. He even taught me how to play cricket so I could get onto the local team.

I have been incredibly lucky to have the parents I have had, and I honestly believe they are the best parents in the world. I hope that one day if I am lucky enough to have children and a family which is something I would love to have that I am able to emulate what my parents have done with me, because I have had literally the best childhood that anyone could ever ask for. My parents are my heroes and I would love to be like that for my kids in the future.

Now, if you will excuse me there’s a rather large amount of cake downstairs with my name on it!

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome


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