What the older generations don’t seem to get

Well hello there! I’m sorry this is late, I lost track of what day it was. For today’s post I’m gonna talk about something that definitely causes a good debate within my household, and it’s something that bugs me quite a bit about the the generation before me and all UKIP, Britain first and English defence league members, Immigration. But not just immigration, but the wider aspects of what immigration has caused, which is something I think a lot of the previous generation(s) don’t seem to understand which is a greater understanding of other cultures and religions.

This caused quite a big argument in my house today. My mum is very firm in her stance that people coming to this country is ruining our country. It started off as a little joke argument that schools aren’t allowed to do the nativity play any more because it offended someone once, but then it got a bit more serious and branched off into benefits and housing and how “the government aren’t putting British people first”. I should probably give some context for this argument. When I was a lot younger I was a very ill child and my dad got made redundant from his job so mum had to pick up the slack and provide for myself, my dad and my sister. We didn’t get any help from the government in terms of more money in tax credits or anything like that. My mum could have gotten disability allowance for me because I was really ill but she refused it (I’ll bring this back up later). A lot of other people where we lived were getting benefits and help from the government and realistically they shouldn’t have, and I think my mums still quite bitter about that.

So, Mum’s side of the part of the argument is that in school we weren’t taught about Christianity or enough about the World Wars or the value of afternoon tea and other really British things. My counter argument is that we got taught the main bits and then moved on to look at other religions, cultures and key bits of the worlds history. The rest you can choose to learn about at GCSE. A-Level or uni. I do understand where she comes from, I mean when she was younger (which was probably in the mid 1800s) they were taught a lot about Britain, they were taught all the kings and queens and just about British stuff, which was fine back then because the world was different, and it was difficult for people to travel abroad. But times have changed, its now easier than ever for people to travel and to move countries, so surely that would make it important to learn about other cultures and religions so you can travel without landing yourself in prison or sometimes about to be executed?

Another point my mum made was about benefits and how “people from Poland come here and get everything they ask for” which isn’t true at all. People from other countries usually come to this country with nothing, and get given what they need to survive. What frustrated me about this argument is my mum kept saying that we weren’t given anything by the government when we needed it when I was ill. Mum was offered disability allowance and she denied it. If you deny benefits and they are then given to someone else you can’t complain you were given nothing. When people claim benefits they need them, admittedly people take the mick and abuse the system but its the small majority.

It’s also the small majority that come over here and complain about what we are taught, so the government changes the curriculum and how people receive benefits to adapt to accommodate other cultures and more immigrants. But look at the statistics of immigrants in professional jobs; 55,000 people are employed in the NHS from EU countries, 10% of doctors in the UK are from outside of Europe, as are 5% of nurses. Full Fact stated that EU migrants are slightly more likely than the population overall to be NHS staff generally. So in terms of people “coming and taking our jobs”, its actually British people cannot be bothered to train for the jobs.

If you hadn’t have guessed I am all for people coming to this country and making a life for themselves. Because we need foreign nationals as much as they need us. So just be nice to people okay?

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome


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