The Olympics

Well hello there! With so much rubbish stuff going on in the world at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about something good for a change. The whole focus on the positives and not the negatives thing. It’s 2016, and for a lot of people that means a lot of different things. But for me, the one thing I’ve been looking forward to all year is finally here, The Olympic and Paralympic games.

If you don’t like sports don’t leave! This isn’t a post about why sports are amazing, because to a lot of people they aren’t. But what I’d really love to highlight about the games is what it does to and for people. I mean at this years Olympics, there is a team just for refugees or people that have been displaced due to conflicts in their country, and once again Paralympians get to blow us all away and something that always amazes me about the Olympics is that people from all over the world are all in the same place, and unlike other sporting events that have happened this year, there will be no violence between fans, no bad blood or anything like that.

I really love watching the Olympics, because I do like sports and I love watching sport, But I love that there is three weeks worth of programming on televisions all over the world where people can show off their talent, and inspire people. Something I really loved was the winter Olympics in 2014 in Sochi. That game showed people all over the world that being gay was nothing to be ashamed of, and it made you no different from anyone else. I mean, people already knew this. But the fact that it was done on such a public stage was incredible. Another thing that absolutely amazes me are the Paralympians themselves. It is absolutely inspiring to see people who have disabilities absolutely rock at sports. I can remember I watched Evan O’Hanlon who is a sprinter with Cerebral Palsy run 100m in 10.79. It is absolutely staggering that these athletes who are missing limbs or suffer from problems such as Cerebral Palsy can manage to do these things. Evan’s time was less than a second off of Usain Bolt’s 100m time back then.

I know I’ve mentioned it already, but it is so nice to see how people manage to put aside problems, and racial differences and can have an amazing few weeks. In the state that the world is in right now I honestly believe that the Olympics will do what it was always done and inspire change within people and bring countries together that really need it, like America who’s police still think its okay to shoot unarmed people, and the UK because our country is falling apart at the seams thanks to Brexit. I am really looking forward to watching the games, and watching the people I know personally who are competing at the games. Even if you don’t watch sports, just watch the Olympics and know that at that moment, you are doing the same thing as people on the other side of the world and cheering on people that you will never meet, because the Olympics bring out the best of people.

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome


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