Wonderful Wednesday’s: Daniel Kish

Well hello there! I have decided after a little while of thinking that I will be now posting on a Wednesday too. Wednesday posts will be called Wonderful Wednesday’s and it will look at really awesome things or people that are just down right awesome. There are so many people that I’ve heard about or know that I could write so much about so I will pick a few and will write about one every other week and we can celebrate all of the good people on the planet instead of the horrible things that are going on, sounds good?

The first person I want to look at as part of Wonderful Wednesday’s is a chap called Daniel Kish. I discovered Daniel Kish through TED talks (if you want to learn new things or hear really cool stories, TED talks are the place to go). Daniel was born with an aggressive form of eye cancer and had to have his eyes removed at the age of one. Yet, Daniel still learnt to ride a bike and not crash into anything, and he claims to be able to exit a concert venue quicker than a sighted person.

The way Daniel does this I think is really incredible. You know how bats use noise to not crash into things? Daniel does the same thing, it’s a technique called echolocation. Apparently if you make a clicking noise with your tongue the sound bounces back off of objects, and if you put your hand in front of your face and make a clicking noise, then take your hand away and make the noise again you can actually tell the difference (I tested it while I was having a bath earlier).

According to Daniel this is really easy to do, and of course he would say that… he’s done it since he was born! However, this does make sense, every object has a different acoustic signature. Basically, sound bounces off things in different ways. This allows Daniel to identify objects such as trees and houses. I saw a video of him demonstrating this and it is actually incredible to watch. Essentially he is a Batman, apart from his parents weren’t killed at a early age and he doesn’t have a fancy suit or a bad attitude. Daniel is the president of World Access for the Blind which is an organisation that helps blind people achieve things on their own, such as riding a bike for example.

Daniel has also inspired a lot of research into echolocation, and scientists have come to the conclusion that it is an actual thing, and the research has also helped scientists learn more about the human brain. Loads of projects have been started because of Daniels work which allows blind people to do their own thing and not rely much on other people or aids.

I honestly think that this is amazing, Not only because not being able to see dramatically affect a persons balance and the guy cant ride a bike perfectly without crashing, which is a lot more than I can do, but he is actively looking for ways to improve the lives of people who need help. He has made a lot of people more aware of blindness too, but has enabled the blind to do things that they normally wouldn’t be able to do, like go to a concert or go out on their own. The reason I chose Daniel to start Wonderful Wednesday’s is because he is to a lot of people a hero, and he is incredibly humble about what he does. I can’t imagine what it is like to be blind, but I really love the fact that Daniel doesn’t let it stop him do the things he wants to do with his life.

Love you, bye!
P.S. Don’t Forget to be Awesome


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