Good things come to those who are single

Well hello there! July has been my month this year to just chill out and actually just enjoy summer, and obviously we live in Britain and the weather doesn’t always allow us to go out and enjoy the summer. So a fair bit of this month has been spent hanging out with my sister before she moves into her new house with her boyfriend. When me and my sister hang out we watch a lot of netflix and catch up TV which I am more than happy with. But over the past two weeks we’ve been watching a lot of shows like How I Met Your Mother, and I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and a few have done articles about how not being in a relationship is fine, and its made me think and I totally agree. Basically this is me taking a stab at trying to convince myself that occasionally, it’s better to be single than in a relationship.

One error I make when I am seeing someone, or actually in a relationship with someone is I tend to forget about everyone else. My last relationship for example, I spent so much time focusing on the girl, making sure that she was happy because she had a lot going on and she came to visit at uni and I completely shut off from my best friends, and they actually got really annoyed by it and they definitely let me know about it. The really stupid thing I did there was I got too comfortable being in a relationship and just after New Years she split up with me, which is fine. But what isn’t fine is that because I was too focused on spending all my free time with her I missed my friends 21st birthday which was also New Years Eve, and that was one heck of a party.

I have been told quite a bit that I remind people of one of the main characters of How I Met Your Mother when it comes to relationships. If you haven’t guessed by that little story above its Ted Mosby. You know, the one that has a billion relationships and messes up all of them? Yeah, that guy, and really its kind of ironic that while writing this I am talking to someone, but the chances of that happening are really slim so its not so hypocritical. Everyone has moments where they think that relationships are an amazing idea, and when I look at my friends I would sometimes agree. I mean, my two best friends are both in relationships and they couldn’t be any happier. My sister has been in a relationship for five or six years and as I said earlier they have just bought their own house. Relationships are good, if you are ready for them.

But for a lot of people, myself included, they aren’t ready. They bounce from person to person and you see this a lot at university. Someone will like someone and two weeks later they will like someone else, or even if they have been in a long relationship once it ends they will just move on super fast. I see this happen all the time with my friends from school. But what I have learnt is that in the time you aren’t ready for relationships, if you stay single for a bit it can often lead to the best things in life. I mean, if I was in a relationship right now, I wouldn’t have worked on Dartmoor teaching Bear Grylls’ son how to rock climb, and Jamie Oliver’s son how to kayak, and I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to go to Morocco in December, or do some of the other things that I will be doing because I would be so preoccupied by a person who might not even be around for more than three months.

I think what I am trying to get at, and get across to you lovely people who spend time reading the things I write is that if you have had a string of unsuccessful relationships, or every time you try to get something happening it screws up, just stop. Take a break from it all and you might very well be surprised where you have ended up. I know I will be.

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome


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