It’s always okay to be you

Well hello there! Hope you have had an awesome week and have been enjoying the summer weather, it was 34 degrees where I live earlier this week! So to enjoy all this lovely weather I decided to meet up with a friend who I haven’t seen for a while and go for a walk along the beach which I honestly thought was going to be lovely, and it turned out to be the inspiration for this blog. I noticed that my friend decided that she was going to not be herself when we bumped into someone we both knew, and I noticed it within myself while I was away recently and I met up with my ex for the first time since we broke up, and it made me start to think about it.

It’s something that everyone does. It is no surprise that people will change how they act around certain people, its human nature. For example, if someone is interested in someone they will act completely different around them than how they act around people they see every day. I know guys who definitely wouldn’t act the way they do at university around their boss. I also know a lot of girls who are lovely, but when they get around certain girls they will turn into some of the worst and most bitchy people.  I tried to be clever and find some research to back this up, but I am a simple person and none of the long words make any sense to me and I was staring at a page for about half an hour being the most confused I have ever been, but there definitely are some smart people that say this is a thing that happens.

It is fine for people to change how they behave around different people to an extent. For example, when I am around ex-girlfriends, and when I am in certain situations at uni this year I will naturally be a lot more quiet because I will feel super uncomfortable and I would rather be anywhere else than in that situation. But where this becomes an issue is when you turn into a bit of an asshole. Luckily this doesn’t happen with me. Well, no one has ever told me that it happens so I’ll just assume. But when you are around certain people and you change to the extent that people may not want to talk to you again is an issue. This happens quite a lot with someone I know and it is a shame because I thought they were such a lovely person, and apparently they aren’t.

I know for some people it is hard to avoid doing this because they may suffer from forms of anxiety or they feel the need to have to fit in. But in my opinion I think that it is never okay for someone to have to change their personality so they can keep a certain friend, or to keep a good dynamic within your living situation. What I am really trying to say is that the you that you should be is the you that you feel most comfortable being, whether that be being a quiet person, or by being an absolute knob. As long as you are happy within yourself that it all that really matters isn’t it? I know that there are some people I have met at university that if I am lucky enough to graduate next year I won’t want to stay in contact with, because I’ve seen so many sides of them that it is hard to establish who they actually are.

Basically, just be a nice person to everyone, and try to maintain who you are instead of trying to please everyone. You’ll realise who actually likes you, and who is a good friend when you do.

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome


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