Be careful about university

Well hello there! Sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve been away working and coming up with a few things which are exciting. I’m being a bit selfish with today’s post, I was thinking this week about what I could write about that’s in the news, and apart from brexit, donald trump and morons in America shooting each other again not a lots happened… So I’m gonna write about me, and something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently.

University. For some people it’s the time of their lives and it’s really beneficial. For others, uni teaches people what they don’t want to do, or just doesn’t help people. Unfortunately I’ve fallen into the others category. Don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors, and I love outdoor education but I don’t love uni. There aren’t really that many reasons why I don’t love uni, but they are important to me.

Firstly I really don’t like the fact that people are still really petty and childish when it comes to literally everything. I thought that when I got to uni everyone would have grown up and been mature, and I don’t know if it’s because of the people that people hang around with or because of the alcohol but people act the same as school kids and it’s really disheartening. Guys do the whole “lad thing” and girls will flirt with the guy they were seeing last’s friends to rub it in their faces. To me, that isn’t how adults should act. I get that uni is filled with students who go out and get drunk have have a good time, I do it and I’ve had some very very good times, if you catch my drift, but there is still a time for people to grow up and really stop being petty, and I think that’s kinda what’s supposed to happen in college, not the second year of university.

Secondly, I love my course to bits. But it’s hard to follow what’s going on when you’re not academic. And before you start thinking “josh, you’re doing outdoor education. All you do is go camping” like someone said right before the government cut arts funding in schools and kept outdoor education funding the same (looking at you, actors (joking, love you guys really and I’m a huge supporter of the arts)). But there is a lot of academic stuff that goes on, and lecturers using long words that we should know the meaning of but don’t, and conducting research projects when you have no idea what you’re doing is very difficult. I think the thing is, you’re either meant to go to uni or you aren’t. And I really don’t think I was, and it’s not anyone’s fault and I would still encourage people to go to uni because it’s a good experience.

I’m still gonna carry on with my course because it would be daft to quit with one year left and also, cheaper qualifications is a huge bonus, and my uni has given me so many opportunities that I would never have had before, I’m just a bit gutted Its not what I thought it was going to be because it’s cost me a lot of money for me not to enjoy it.

Back to the blogs though, everything should be back to normal. I’m planned the next few weeks of posts so yeah.

Love you, bye!
P.s. Don’t forget to be awesome


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