Lets talk My personal hero

Well hello there! Who’s been to or has watched Glastonbury this year on TV? Who saw Adele absolutely smash the Pyramid Stage? This post is all things Adele, and why she is a hero of mine. If you don’t know who Adele is, welcome to Planet Earth, We’re a friendly bunch (apart from North Korea) and Adele is a singer from Tottenham, England and an inspiration to many. I love her because she sings like an angel but when she talks its like you’re sat in a pub with her having mad banter.

So Adele has seemingly conquered the world when it comes to music. I mean her first album went seven times platinum in the UK, and she managed to blow Glastonbury away this year. She has made the vast majority of the planet cry because her songs are ones you can relate to. Adele studied at the BRIT school, and wrote her first major song when she was 16 which is pretty amazing. I could write so much about her here, but I will move on to why she is a hero of mine.

For someone who struggles with anxiety I cannot even begin to picture what Adele was looking at while on stage at Glastonbury. She performed in front of what is said to be the biggest Glastonbury audience ever, and she used to shy away from live performances because she was scared of performing in front of people. She overcame her biggest fear really quickly if you think about how fast she became popular. She is also helping Zayn Malik cope with his anxiety issues so he can perform.

She cares so much about literally everyone. For example, She was so moved while performing the day after the Pulse Shooting in Orlando because she considered the LGBT community as part of her family. She frequently reminds her audiences to look after each other. She was telling people off for booing other people at Glastonbury, she campaigns for people she has never met, nor ever will meet to have access to clean water and is a huge supporter of the PRIDE movement. The thing that really strikes me is that at Glastonbury she was making peoples dreams come true, for example, the little girl she pulled on stage and the girl from Brazil. She then also made sure they got their spots in the audience back. There aren’t many artists that would do that. Nor are there many people who cares so much about literally every human on the planet.

Girls should also look at Adele for a role model, well maybe not the swearing bit. She has always given of the” as long as you’re happy its okay” vibe, and she’s faced criticism over her weight in the past and how she’s successful while being plus size. Yet, she headlined the largest music festival in the world and had the fasted tour to sell out. This makes me feel like I can do the things I want to do and as long as i’m happy while its happening then its fine. In my opinion she is stunning though so I don’t understand this criticism at all.

And finally to back up my argument on why Adele is a hero of mine, you kinda have to be something special to be friends with Beyonce.

Love you, Bye!
P.S. don’t forget to be awesome!


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