It turns out, Guns do actually kill people

Well hello there! As a child you were misled when Goldie Lookin Chain told you guns don’t kill people. It turns out that guns can kill a lot of people very quickly. I apologise that you were lied to as a child. If you haven’t figured out by now were going to be talking about guns today and why they are stupid and why the gun laws in America really need updating.

Its been a rough few days for America in terms of gun crime. First Christina Grimmie was shot at a signing in front of her fans, and the 50 people were shot in a club. The fact that the club was a gay club is irrespective and I can’t figure out why the media are focusing on this fact. Since the year 2000 203 people have died from mass shootings in schools in America, and roughly the same amount were injured in schools. Since the year 2000, 315 people have been killed in mass shootings across America with many more injured. In the last 50 years in America alone there have been 870 deaths in mass shootings alone, the youngest was an 8 month old boy. The total gun death statistic for 2015 was 12,000. To put this into perspective, my whole university has just over 10,000 students and the University of Notre Dame in Indiana has 12,124 students. If those attacks all happened at once in Notre Dame there would be 124 people left, and in my university there wouldn’t be anyone left. That is a really scary thought. 

Knowing these statistics, it might well surprise you that it actually has always been illegal to shoot someone in America. On July 4th, 1776 the founding fathers of America; Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton and the other one (Sorry Americans, I’m British but be impressed I got that many), made it very clear that shooting people randomly is a bad thing. Alexander Hamilton, who helped come up with this rule ended up dying from being shot in a duel, which was illegal and slightly ironic. Lin Manuel Miranda who wrote a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton wrote the show so it said several times that duelling, or causing harm to people with guns outside of war was illegal, and it strikes me that American society seems to have not changed a lot in three centuries.

America is one of the world leaders in gun death. It comes down to the fact that guns are so easily accessible in America. If you look at Australia who’s gun control laws are relatively new, they state that a person needs to have a genuine reason to own a gun, and personal protection isn’t a genuine reason. In America, it appears as long as you know what a gun is and haven’t done anything illegal you can own one. In 1996 there was a mass shooting in Australia where 35 people died, after this happened their government brought in rules that said you can’t own a machine gun or a shotgun that holds over 5 rounds. Since this rule had been brought in, the amount of firearms homicides dropped by 59%. 50 people have just died and I would be very surprised if anything in America changes.

One thing that really made me write this post was that in a nightclub in Florida there are crime scene investigators that are conducting investigations into what happened, in the same room there are 50 mobile phones ringing or receiving texts from these people’s families wanting to hear from them, to know they are okay. I had never considered that in the previous shootings that there have been but someone mentioned it yesterday while we were watching the news.

To the very small amount of Americans that read my posts. I am truly so sorry and heartbroken for you. The fact that you sometimes send your children to school and not know if they will come home is not okay. The fact that your friends cannot go on a night out and might not come home is not okay. I fear for my family in America at times like this. Worldwide, people are asking questions of you government about gun laws that need to change and hopefully now they will. Stay safe.

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome


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