Well hello there! This blog is gonna be about education, schools, private schools and stuff like that. I got an email today from an employer over the summer detailing what I will be doing at my job, and they mentioned the names of the schools I would be working with. Naturally, if you’ve never heard of somewhere you’ll google it and be a little nosy. This is exactly what I did and what I found out annoyed me.

You look at education and think everyone deserves education, its actually a human right set out by the UN. The part I really don’t understand is why people send their kids to private schools. Surely the level of education they would receive is the same? I mean once you take out the smaller class sizes and all the things that “have an impact” surely its just down to the child to put the effort in? If they want to do well, they will do well in whatever setting they end up in. The fees are ridiculous and in my opinion a child would benefit in a billion ways more in a free school than one that their parents pay for.

Let’s talk fees. At one school I’m working with the parents have to pay around £300,000 just to put their kid through school. That’s a huge amount of money for something that is arguably not really worth it. Once you put extra curricular activities, uniforms, sports kits, school equipment, and summer camps on top you’ll be talking around £400,000 for one child. Comparatively you can buy a house for that, and a really nice one at that!

Admittedly, you get smaller class sizes and children tend to be better behaved in lessons, but you still face all of the same problems as you would in a normal school, whether that be bullying or lack of motivation. The only subjects where really it is worth paying for education is music or drama. These subjects although well taught in schools are specialist and if you get it right you can go so far. I believe that Benidict Cumberbatch went to a drama school, Emma Watson also went to a drama school and these are some of the biggest actors in the world (if the government cuts drama from schools they are really dumb).

When it comes to curriculum though, everyone has to follow some sort of guidelines set out by the government on what they have to teach and what children are expected to be able to do at the end of their education. So why pay for it? If they have to learn the same things surely its a bit pointless? Sure, some private schools get better results than state schools, but then there are state schools that get just as good, if not better grades than private schools. If you take into consideration what a child would also pick up in terms of life lessons from going to a school with a range of student backgrounds many studies show that actually this would benefit children more instead of sending them to a school where everyone comes from roughly the same background.

Either way, I went through the state school system and I turned out alright and I’ve surprised people along the way with how well I’ve done. And if I’m lucky enough to have kids one day I think I’ll personally save my money and I believe my kids will be fine in a state school. I mean, The vast majority of people I know went to state school and only one of them has been to prison… it can’t be that bad can it?

Love you, Bye!
P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome


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