The Importance of Winnie the Pooh

This is an odd one, I intended to start off this blogging thing with light hearted stuff so you’d think I’m funny and want to keep coming back and reading more of what I post. But we’re diving in quite deep today. Today I’m gonna be talking about self esteem. Its an area I struggle with quite a bit, and several of my friends do. Now, my friend Gemma, she’s a lot better at this blogging thing than me, and she’s lush, go check her blog out,it has a fancy word for the title of the blog, that I can’t pronounce and I’m probably going to spell it wrong, that is the name of a disorder called Atelophobia. This is a phobia of not being good enough, and one of the symptoms is low self esteem.

It really saddens me when nice people think they aren’t nice or good. This is partly why I’m posting this today, because I’ve had quite a few people say to me that they aren’t a nice person and it has really confused me every time why they have said it. When I used to compete in Tae-Kwon-Do I met this guy who for the sake of this post will be called Jake. Jake was a top guy, funny and super caring and just the nicest guy I have ever met. A year and three months ago now, he text me saying he felt he wasn’t a good person and I replied saying “shut up you’re being an idiot” and that was the end of the conversation. One year and two and a half months ago I had a phone call from Jakes mum. That was really the first time I was really exposed to mental health issues and depression and I guess in a way, atelophobia. And I wish I said more to him when he text me, I should have said more.

Like Jake, many young people, around 80,000 to throw a figure at you, suffer from severe depression. That’s a lot of young people, much of this can be caused by their individual life events; bullying, sexual assault or abuse, just to name a few things. But I guess some people just really cant help it. This is an odd example, but just go with it. Whenever I’ve had a bad day I like to watch Disney films. One day I decided to watch Winnie the Pooh (quality film, don’t judge) and I noticed something I thought was rather special. Eeyore the Donkey, I think hes a donkey anyway, pretty much has severe depression. Winnie, Piglet and all the others still invite him to hang out and never expect him to pretend to be happy. Eeyore has some really lovely scenes where he’s genuinely nice. I assume that he doesn’t think he is being good, but Winnie especially can see that Eeyore is a nice donkey.

I really have no idea if that example worked at all, reading back over it I really don’t think it did so I’ll explain it simply. Many people are nice. Some people who are nice don’t think they are, but people can see it in them. I don’t know if these people have had experiences where they feel they weren’t nice because of a decision they made that upset someone or that they made a decision they didn’t think was right but actually was. I’ll never know what makes these people think this, its not my place to know. But if there is someone in you’re life that you’re fond of, whether it be someone you’ve known for donkey’s years, or someone you’ve only just started talking to, be Winnie the Pooh to them. They are now your Eeyore, and it’s okay for someone to be an Eeyore, there’s nothing wrong with it at all. Basically, just love them for who they are. There may be times where you think “they’re just being difficult, I can’t be bothered anymore”, but from personal experience… That may be the time where they need you most.

In light of what my friends have said to me in the past, I’m gonna add a three words to the end of my blogs, and they are Love you, Bye! This is how I actually say bye to people I’m fond of in real life. But I think now more than ever, while there is still such a stigma around mental health, and that the rate of depression diagnosis in young people in the UK is rising it’s important to remind people you love them for who they are, no matter what they think of themselves, or what they have done in the past because that’s what’s made them into the people they are today. The people that I love, and the people that you love.

Now… I should really start packing to go home for summer!

Love you, Bye!

P.S. Don’t forget to be awesome!

Also, I mentioned my friend Gemma at the start of this blog. She is amazing at writing, and all the stuff she writes is really interesting. I’ve learnt a lot from her blog already. Shes amazing and you should go check her blog out :


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